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Access your spiritual purpose through the art of shamanic journeying now. 


Allow the spirit of nature and the elements to bring your purpose closer to you. Embrace the meaning, joy, passion, and inner freedom of taking the next step forward on your path.


Find  Your Spiritual Purpose

Through Shamanic Journeying

In 7 Steps

  1. Find a spirit animal that can clear blocks to your purpose for you

  2. Find a mountain of the planetary light grid to guide you to your purpose

  3. Connect with the spirit of water to cleanse emotional blocks around your purpose

  4. Connect with the spirit of the earth to activate your purpose

  5. Connect with the spirit of air for mental clarity around your purpose

  6. Connect with the spirit of fire to purify your energetic field to align with your purpose

  7. Call back your missing soul parts to support you in living your spiritual purpose


This course includes 4 hours of video and audio recordings that guide you through each step of gaining clarity and connection with your spiritual purpose. Members have access to a student support group on Unifyd.

Duration: 4 Hours - Audio, Video, PDF

Available: May 2022

Cost: $50 US ($400 value)


Elissa Miskey
Lumi Frei

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