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The world is waiting for your light.


Allow yourself to be inspired and guided step by step into deepening clarity and connection with your purpose now.


Find  Your Spiritual Purpose

Through the Light Grid

In 7 Steps

  1. Surrender to your highest purpose

  2. Take back your power

  3. Emotional alignment with your purpose

  4. Mental alignment with your purpose

  5. Aligning your energetic field with your purpose

  6. Meditate with the light grid

  7. Embody your spiritual essence

This course includes 4 hours of video and audio recordings that guide you through each step of gaining clarity and connection with your spiritual purpose. Members have access to a student support group on Unifyd.

Duration: 4 Hours - Audio, Video, PDF

Regular Price $300 US

Limited Time Introductory Offer: $50US


Elissa Miskey
Paula Perdigao-Rehder

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