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Laurie Lee



Laurie holds our light grid group together at its core. She is a telepathic medium, animal communicator, Arcturian Council channeler, crystal healer, and master creator of crystal grids. Laurie excels at grounding, transmuting energy, channeling star being guides, connecting with loved ones who have transitioned, and all aspects of light grid work. She focuses on developing her gifts consistently through daily meditations, studying, and accessing a variety of classes, seminars, and events. She uses her abilities of Clairvoyance, Claircognizance, Clairaudience, Clairalience, Clairgustance, Clairtangency, and Clairsentience to provide divine guidance and messages from multiple dimensions. 

Laurie offers private sessions for connecting with loved ones and animals who have transitioned out of physical form and connecting with spirit guides and one's higher self for guidance and support. She also assists private investigators and families with missing person/murder cases and has been successful in finding key evidence used in cases. You can connect with her at her Facebook Page: Laurie Lee Telepathic Medium or email her directly at

Private Sessions

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